The Consitution of The Cambridge University Finnish Society

1. The name of the Society shall be: "The Cambridge University Finnish Society", which may be abbreviated to "FinnSoc".

2. The aims of FinnSoc shall be:

  1. to promote and support Finnish language and culture in Cambridge
  2. to aid Finnish students in their transition to Cambridge
  3. to establish contacts between Finns and those interested in Finland
  4. to act as a source of information for Finns who are interested in studying in Cambridge
  5. to act as a representative and a contact for other organisations promoting cultural exchange between Finland and the UK
  6. to organise events and parties

3. Membership of the Society shall be extended to all members of the University. Any others may apply to the Committee for associate membership. Associate members shall be privy to information of Society events but they will not have the right to vote in the Bi-Annual General Meetings (BAGM) nor can they be nominated to the Committee. There shall be an annual fee for membership, which shall be fixed by the Committee. The Committee shall have the right to offer honorary membership or a life membership to any one as it sees fit. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political views or nationality. It may, however, expel any member for disruptive antisocial behaviour likely to bring the Society in disrepute. Two weeks before a member is expelled, s/he will receive a written warning, and may plead their case in front of the committee. Only Members shall have voting rights at Society meetings.

4. There will be two Bi-Annual General Meetings held in Cambridge, one in Michaelmas Full Term and one in Easter Full Term. To ensure continuity, the President, Secretary and Treasurer for the following year will be elected in the Easter Full Term BAGM. The time and venue of both meetings will be determined and publicised by the Committee via email to all members at least seven days beforehand.

5. The Committee shall be elected at the BAGM. Nominations for the Committee must be submitted to the Secretary on at least three Full Term days before the BAGM. Any member of the Society may be nominated. Votes shall be counted by two persons chosen at the BAGM and who are not candidates for Committee posts. The election and count shall be conducted using the Single Transferable Vote system. The Committee may at its discretion co-opt additional Committee members to itself where is perceives the need, or to fill vacancies that may arise.

6. The Committee shall consist of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two or more Officers whose responsibilities will be determined by the Committee. The majority of the Committee shall be full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students in the University.

7. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee each year to audit the Society's accounts. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt of other obligations of the Society, unless the Senior Treasurer has personally authorised such a debt in writing. The Senior Treasurer shall be a resident member of the Senate or other person approved by the Junior Proctor and shall be ex officio a member of the Committee.

8. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any three members of the Society, and must be submitted to the Secretary in writing. This Constitution may only be amended at a BAGM, or an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) specially called for the purpose. No vote on a constitution amendment shall be valid unless at least one quarter of the Society's membership is present at the meeting.

9. EGM can be called by the Committee, by written request of half the society members, or by the Senior Treasurer. The Committee shall send the agenda via email to all members seven days before the EGM. Voting will be by simple majority of ballot votes.

10. Dissolution of the Society will be voted on in the BAGM or EGM. On dissolution, all assets of the Society shall be paid to Cambridge University Societies Syndicate.